Brief Overview

With my passion and ambition for greatness, I live by a set of principles which helps maintain my focus on the end-game.
Learn more about me below.

I'm Vision-Driven

To me, it's always about the goal. Right now doesn't matter much as long as it makes a way for the big picture. I lay out my plans and make most of my decisions towards getting me closer to what I envisioned.

I'm an Executor

I get things done rightly. I may even keep late hours to get the tasks implemented. I hardly wait for anyone to do things for me and in fact, while building my brands, I practically handled everything myself.

I'm Technical

Well, as you know, I'm a coder but I'm also handy with hardwares. A complete technical guy who's not afraid to get his hands dirty on tech projects including non-technical roles.

I'm Business-Minded

I started thinking in business terms even before my teenage days. I always think strategically on how I would turn any simple idea to a scalable mega venture - making it an empire.

I was born on the 2nd of August 1993 in Bomu town of Gokana Local Government of Rivers State but I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Being born into a humble home, I had no choice but to dream of big achievements to change the status quo but I never had the shot. While growing up, I knew I had to work harder than other kids so, I studied and taught myself most of my skills.

I graduated from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri in 2016 with a first degree in computer science and from there moved on to develop my skills in executive management, business development growth hacking and product design. I spent the past five years working on various independent technical projects including workstation engineering, hardware architecture and web development.

Nonetheless, I'm an adventurous guy who loves to try out new things, meet new people and visit new places and when I'm not skin-deep into a project, I see movies, read books, attend events or hangout with friends. I also have a thing for the entertainment industry and I think I may set a foothold in there sometime in the near future.

My Recent Writings!

I have written a good number of articles across several publications but I was only frequent on Ghavoch. Writing is my way of helping out those currently in the same situations as I was.

How to get more business clients

Gain more quality clients for your business.

I wrote about my experience in winning new quality clients. Read the article.

21st Preneur - Entrepreneurial book by Latii Brayllot

The book for the 21st century entrepreneur.

Currently writing about my experinces while building my brand - Slourish from nothing and the steps any new founder can quickly adopt. You will learn from my mistakes, wins and gain insights, tips as well as the vast knowledge I have gathered across many other industries.

How to get started with Real Estate - Nigeria

Real Estate is a goldmine for the enlightened.

I wrote about how to get started with Real estate in Nigeria. Read the article.

My Brands

Here are the brands behind most of my projects. Slourish and Quilege are fully operational but I'm yet to launch pShoutor.

Quilege logo

A talent-sourcing platform for building & hiring professionals and entertainers for a career of greatness.

Slourish logo

A business micro-investing community-based platform where users get to earn, save invest, interact and carryout a host of other financial activities in few clicks.

Lati Codes logo

Lati Codes's main focus is in building of web, desktop & mobile applications as well as operating systems. It's a software firm responsible for a good number of projects in Nigeria.

Ghavoch logo

A subscription-based membership platform where I and my contributors write, coach and mentor users on freelance, business, investments, finance and other related topics that I'm knowledgeable in.

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